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Thoughts on British ICT, energy & environment, cloud computing and security from Memset's MD

About Kate Craig-Wood

Kate is a multi-award winning technology entrepreneur; co-founder & managing director of Memset, the UK's best Web host.

She is a nationally-renowned expert-advocate of ICT’s role in greening the economy and cloud computing.

Kate is also in the final year of a part-time PhD researching energy intensity of cloud computing and in her spare time enjoys hacking on things like her pet robot BOB. See her personal site for a full bio.

Articles and comment

Alt-coins: Bitcoin’s competitors. Which cryptocoins will survive?

I’ve not written much about my new hobby; cryptocoin (Bitcoin and its ilk) mining. A few months ago I created a virtual company, CipherMine, to mine cryptocoins like Bitcoin. I won’t go into mining in detail here, but it is effectively printing virtual money. CipherMine is currently making over $3,000 per day of virtual currencies. Our real interest is in…

SmartWatch 2: 6 weeks later (the flaws)

In early October I bought myself a SmartWatch 2. You can see my initial review here. Six weeks on, and I have a new one. Here is why! Dodgy straps The main flaw I discovered in the SmartWatch 2 is that the rubber strap it comes with can very easily unclip from the watch. It uses a standard watch bar…

Sony SmartWatch 2 review

I recently decided it was time for some upgrades. However, my trusty Samsung Galaxy S2 is perfectly adequate for my needs so I felt it would be a waste to get rid of that. I had been seeing the Samsung Gear adverts around which promoted me to start investigating. I quickly came to the conclusion that the Gear (a “smart…

Hacks and projects

A real SCUBA rescue experience – mistakes made and lessons learned

On my and Izzy’s recent fieldwork expedition to Islay we had a number of challenging conditions to cope with that were new to us as experienced SCUBA divers. One of these was the cold; the loch was about 16 degrees celcius and while in our double-layered wet suits we were fine for several hours, we found there were limits. Our…

How to revert / downgrade from Opera 15 back to 12 (MacOS)

I made the terrible mistake recently of upgrading to Opera 15. They removed pretty much all the features I actually found useful, including: Vertical tabs Custom searches CMD/CTRL+ to jump to bookmark’s main page Key control of switching between tabs Bookmarks bar vanished History system nerfed Bookmarks system nerfed Opera 15 is essentially a crippled version of Chrome now. For…

Skiiers thumb (torn ulnar collateral ligament)

So on Sunday, the second day of our week’s skiing in Whistler Blackcomb, I had my first and last incident of the skiing season yesterday. Izzy and I were doing a double-black diamond in very low vis (low cloud). We did the hard part just fine and it was quite smooth. She had stopped and I thought I had a…

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