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About Kate Craig-Wood

Kate is a multi-award winning technology entrepreneur; co-founder & managing director of Memset, the UK's best Web host.

She is a nationally-renowned expert-advocate of ICT’s role in greening the economy and cloud computing.

Kate is also in the final year of a part-time PhD researching energy intensity of cloud computing and in her spare time enjoys hacking on things like her pet robot BOB. See her personal site for a full bio.

Articles and comment

Why We Don’t Need Icelandic Data Centres

In summer, you don’t need to go somewhere cold. You just need to let your data centre run hot and spray some water into your dry air coolers. That way you can avoid the potential risk around your power supply and you don’t have to compromise your latency.

Can we trust WhatsApp’s privacy?

Summary / TL;DR WhatsApp looks great on face value and it’s underlying technology is awesome. However, there are some things about it which don’t add up for me, eg. it’s apparently non-existent business model and lack of open sourcey-ness. Further, our faith in it relies too heavily on one person, Moxie Marlinspike, who chooses to remain largely anonymous; a choice…

Unsure about Brexit? Knowing how other notable people are thinking might help…

This is a re-post of the now-famous Facebook post by Calvin Morris. For those of you who don’t use Facebook, and because I generally dislike it’s attempts to Own All Our Content, I thought I’d put it here on the public Internet. A good friend of mine came up with a great idea. If you don’t have the time/inclination to…

Hacks and projects

How to post Android motion/live pictures to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)

It is now possible to share Android’s “Motion” photos (the Harry Potter-esque ones) to some social media networks and have them auto-play and keep looping, like a GIF. How you do it does depend slightly on which social media network/app you are using however.

SSH hanging with X11 untrusted timeout on MacOS

Lately my personal Macbook Pro has started refusing to log in to my servers via SSH. I tried all sorts of things, removing my key, clearing hosts files, but to no avail. ssh -vvv showed this (some bits removed of course): … debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey). Authenticated to kateX.miniserver.com ([X.X.X.X]:22). debug1: channel 0: new [client-session] debug3: ssh_session2_open: channel_new: 0 debug2:…

Helicobacter pylori: From breakthrough to benefit in my lifetime

I am being treated for Helicobacter pylori, a bug which contributes to gastritis. I was 8 years old when the Australian maverick Dr. Barry Marshall risked his own health to prove his theory in the face of ridicule from colleagues, and subsequently changed our understanding not only of gastritis but also microbiology. Today I wish to salute that achievement and share my wonder at having lived through and benefited from one of the great scientific breakthroughs of our era.