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A beginning…

Hello LiveJournal!

I have decided to move my blog here to make use of the excellent setup (no point reinventing the wheel!) and to make it a bit more public.

This blog/journal is some of my thoughts, comments and experiences on issues facing UK Information Communications Technology (ICT) &amp; businesses from the perspective of a young entrepreneur; the Managing Director of <a href=”http://www.memset.com/”>Memset Ltd, a leading UK dedicated server company</a> (me!).

Why, you may ask? Well mainly because no-one else seems to be doing it in the UK, and as with any industry there are lots of issues to talk about!

OK, OK, and sure I hope it will raise the company’s exposure, and yes I do like to write, but hey – nobody is perfect. 😉

Well, off to try and work out how to make this all look nice… I knew I should have remembered those CSS skills!