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How to post Android motion/live pictures to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)

It is now possible to share Android’s “Motion” photos (the Harry Potter-esque ones) to some social media networks and have them auto-play and keep looping, like a GIF. How you do it does depend slightly on which social media network/app you are using however.

SSH hanging with X11 untrusted timeout on MacOS

Lately my personal Macbook Pro has started refusing to log in to my servers via SSH. I tried all sorts of things, removing my key, clearing hosts files, but to no avail. ssh -vvv showed this (some bits removed of course): … debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey). Authenticated to kateX.miniserver.com ([X.X.X.X]:22). debug1: channel 0: new [client-session] debug3: ssh_session2_open: channel_new: 0 debug2:…

Helicobacter pylori: From breakthrough to benefit in my lifetime

I am being treated for Helicobacter pylori, a bug which contributes to gastritis. I was 8 years old when the Australian maverick Dr. Barry Marshall risked his own health to prove his theory in the face of ridicule from colleagues, and subsequently changed our understanding not only of gastritis but also microbiology. Today I wish to salute that achievement and share my wonder at having lived through and benefited from one of the great scientific breakthroughs of our era.

How to secure Mac OSX Screen Sharing with SSH tunnelling

I want to be able to access my home machines over the Internet when I’m at work, preferably via a GUI/WIMP. It is relatively straight-forwards to expose a machine on your home network using port-forwarding on your router, but is it secure just to send Screen Sharing over the Internet? For that matter, if you’re on a semi-untrusted local network…

Dog-Walking Tactical Utility Belt

Hot weather means I need an alternative “grab-and-go” wearable container of my dog walking paraphernalia to my coat. The solution? A MOLLE Tactical Utility Belt!

How to use OK / Google Now to create Tasks/Reminders/Notes on the move

An exploration into getting more power out of Google voice commands / Google Now, specifically aimed at creating Notes, Tasks and Reminders (includes a description of what those different things actually mean within the Googleverse) “on the move”, ideally with AndroidWear SmartWatches. I also explore Commandr, AutoVoice and Tasker as possibilities for extending the power of OK Google.

Field notes of an alien observer: Homo-canis symbiotic pairs in the wild

Having observed the behavior of native homo-canis symbiotic pairs of grid theta-592 (aka. “Surrey”) for some months now I am able to discern clear behavioral patterns. They tend to emerge from their nests in small, dispersed herds – generally within a few hours of dawn and dusk – to roam the grasslands for a short time. The symbiotic pairs do…

How to increase the Mac OSX bash shell history length – step by step

What is the bash shell history and why would I want it to be longer? Every time I upgrade my Mac I seem to lose my bash shell history length settings. What is this, you may ask. I use the Terminal (under Applications->Utilities) a lot; everything from connecting to remote servers via ssh to moving files (I often make mistakes…

A real SCUBA rescue experience – mistakes made and lessons learned

On my and Izzy’s recent fieldwork expedition to Islay we had a number of challenging conditions to cope with that were new to us as experienced SCUBA divers. One of these was the cold; the loch was about 16 degrees celcius and while in our double-layered wet suits we were fine for several hours, we found there were limits. Our…

How to revert / downgrade from Opera 15 back to 12 (MacOS)

I made the terrible mistake recently of upgrading to Opera 15. They removed pretty much all the features I actually found useful, including: Vertical tabs Custom searches CMD/CTRL+ to jump to bookmark’s main page Key control of switching between tabs Bookmarks bar vanished History system nerfed Bookmarks system nerfed Opera 15 is essentially a crippled version of Chrome now. For…