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Dog-Walking Tactical Utility Belt

Now that it is getting hotter I don’t want to be carrying my coat/windcheater with me every time Monty and I go out for a walk. This has presented a problem since I have come to rely on that coat as a “grab and go” container for the various paraphernalia I like to have with me. I’m an extremely forgetful person so such mechanisms are quite important to avoid us returning home to find I’ve forgotten the house key or, worse, to find that I need my inhaler when already a long way from civilization. I take a similar approach with my work backpack, which has pretty much everything except the kitchen sink in it!

So, I need an alternative “grab and go” piece of kit that isn’t cumbersome nor insulating. The solution? A MOLLE Tactical Utility Belt. Obviously. :p

Dog Walking Utility Belt

You might wonder why I need quite so much stuff. Left to right the containers hold the following:

  1. Smartphone – Nexus 5x.
  2. Dog treats – for training Monty while we’re out.
  3. Poo bags – for those irksome areas where people get uppity about a bit of extra fertilizer.
  4. Filled poo bags repository – I hate having to hold them for miles.
  5. Water bottle – Monty and I both tend to over-heat so carrying water is a safety precaution as much as a convenience.
    1. Resuscitation face shield – I’m a first-aider and ever since they taught us how likely it is you’ll get vomited on, I carry one everywhere just in case!
  6. Multitool – a geek without her multitool is like a monkey without a tail. Also useful for disentangling Monty & I from brambles and occasional botanical sample collection.
  7. Ventolin inhaler – I’m overweight, unfit, seriously asthmatic, and prone to pushing myself too hard.
  8. Ball-onna-string – doubles the distance Monty runs around!

Yes, I probably look like a tit, especially when wearing shorts and a tank top with hiking boots (it gets a bit “Lara Croft”), but I don’t care! I have all my stuff with me. 🙂

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