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Declaring email bankrupcy as of today: All emails deleted

To anyone who might be about to email me, or who has emailed me in the last weeks/months:

I currently have a total of more than 800 actionable emails across my various inboxes. I am working 16 hours a day and failing to reduce the number. I am therefore declaring email bankrupcy as of now (22:30 on 26th June).

This means that I have deleted the entire contents of my Memset (kate // memset // com) and personal (kate // craig-wood // com) inboxes. I also intend to ignore all emails except those which I have specifically filtered from people I deem important until further notice.

If you have sent me something important recently, re-evaluate whether it is really important and if so resend it to one of my team (Helen, Robin P, Katie O, Gosia, Alex, Tom, Simon, Nick, Ken).

If you have something that you need to ask me about which is both important and urgent, re-evaluate whether it is both important and urgent, preferably send it to one of my team, but if it really is both important and urgent and requires my personal attention then and only then email me about it (or attempt to arrange a phone appointment with me via Gosia).

If at all possible please do not send me emails for the time being. If I have emailed you since the declaration datetime then please do of course respond; I will be expecting it.