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Europe Powering ahead on Cloud

The European Council meeting of EU leaders in October produced some impressively enlightened and ambitious conclusions with regards to the digital economy which, with the right champions, will lead to a bright future for Cloud in Europe.

The Council first called for all efforts to be made for Europe’s industry to regain momentum in digital products and services, describing an urgent need for an integrated single digital and telecoms market, benefiting consumers and companies.

In order to take advantage of the full potential of the digital economy the Council stated that Europe needs investment and the right regulatory framework to enable infrastructure roll out of high speed broadband and 4G whilst maintaining technology neutrality.

Finally the Council highlighted Cloud and Big Data as important enablers for productivity and better services. EU action was called for to provide the right framework conditions for a single market for Big Data and Cloud computing, in particular by promoting high standards for secure, high-quality and reliable cloud services. The European Commission and the Member States, with the support of the European Cloud Partnership (ECP), was mandated to continue to make every effort to put Europe at the forefront of cloud adoption.

As a member of the Steering Board of the ECP I welcome such a decisive statement from the European Council and am keen to start driving this agenda forward through the European Cloud Partnership.

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