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How to revert / downgrade from Opera 15 back to 12 (MacOS)

I made the terrible mistake recently of upgrading to Opera 15. They removed pretty much all the features I actually found useful, including:

  • Vertical tabs
  • Custom searches
  • CMD/CTRL+ to jump to bookmark’s main page
  • Key control of switching between tabs
  • Bookmarks bar vanished
  • History system nerfed
  • Bookmarks system nerfed

Opera 15 is essentially a crippled version of Chrome now. For any power user you absolutely must avoid it. Yes, Opera 12 is a memory hog, sometimes slow and crashes every few days, but I can put up with that for the feature set! As it happens, I just run Chrome alongside it for anything that Opera struggles with (eg. Netflix, Google apps, etc).

Thankfully however it was easy to go back to Opera 12.15. I luckily had it still in the downloads folder on one of my Mac Minis and I just needed to replace the new app with the old one.

All my bookmarks and settings have been restored thank the Gods! In case you don’t have an old copy I’ve uploaded one to my Memstore CDN:


Note that this of for MacOS only!

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