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Intellect Regent panel with Paxman (video)

On 10th February I took part in a panel session at the 2009 Intellect Annual Regent Conference “Keeping ahead of changing markets”. The event took place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, was attended by top executives from the high-tech industry and was chaired by the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman.

The panel session was lively, and I raised a few eyebrows with my predictions that the Big Corps in software & broadcast were under major threat. I was particularly pleased when I managed to astound Mr. Paxman with some stats on women in technology – here is an excerpt from the Intellect blog on the conference:

In the final panel session, Jeremy Paxman (probably for the first time in his career) was stuck for words when Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset, indicated that there was a 23% gender pay gap in the IT industry. Paxman expressed a little scepticism over the statistic, but rest assured the figure is one oft quoted by Intellect and comes from an equalities and human rights commission report.

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