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Cast your bread on the water and you’ll get back ham sandwiches

While awaiting our flight to San Francisco in the BA exec lounge just now I experienced a lovely example of Karma that I wanted to share.

A young lady was looking a bit lost, MacBook and power cable in hand, clearly searching for a power socket. I suggested that she use the one I was sat by, and offered her a seat as well.

She gratefully accepted, but then seemed to be struggling with the devices. I again volunteered to help and we swiftly established that the entire power console was not actually live; my own laptop was not charging and I had not noticed!

Had I not helped her then I undoubtedly would not have noticed that my laptop was discharging and would have boarded the plane with only a couple of hours of battery life remaining (we’re flying cattle class today unfortunately, so no chargers).

I am not a spiritual person per-se, though my Mum was deeply and it has rubbed off on me a little. One of her rules of life was, “Cast your bread on the water and you’ll get back ham sandwiches”, meaning give without expectation of return and you will be rewarded. I has served me well.

Anyway, just a little happy reflection. Pass it on. 🙂

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