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Nürburg ring / Nordschleife

Ducati Desmosedici Nürburgring / Nordschleife I spent Easter weekend in Germany on the fabled Nürburg ring with my Audi R8 and Ducati Desmosedici. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life to date and I have been thoroughly bitten by the racing bug!! The pic on the right is evidence of me doing it on the Desmo which trust me was a frightening experience!! The car drivers are all maniacs and don’t understand the lines bikes take.

It was made additionally “interesting” since I dropped her that morning (sunny day but it had been freezing overnight and I didn’t have my “cold tyres” head on – lost the back end on the first roundabout out of the hotel :$) and her gear changer got damaged. It completely fell off half way through the second lap! I was luckily stuck in third and thanks to the Duke’s awesome torque range was able to complete the lap without too much bother.

I need to write a post on how a salve my conscience for all the fossil fuels I’m wasting in pursuit of thrills (I do carbon offset) but in the mean time here are some videos of me doing the ‘ring in the R8:

Following the MV Augusta SPS

Me following my ex on his MV August SPS around the ‘ring in my R8. He was taking it pretty easy since he has just finished rebuilding the bike and it is not setup 100% right.

As you can see the traffic was pretty hairy! Shuffle chose an amusingly appropriate tune for this event though I thought. 😉

Slithering in the wet

My third-ever lap on the Nürburg ring, and in the wet! Have clipped out about half to show just the “interesting” bits – ie. me deliberately “exploring the envelope” and finding out how she handles slides under power. Got a bit caught out by my nemesis (one of the bends) and had a little off across the grass. :$

Best lap in R8

Me trying to do it properly (as opposed to playing in the wet) in my Audi R8 on the Nürburg ring / Nordschleife. This was my best lap – about 09:22 I think which I believe is respectable for a beginner.

I know I keep braking too hard rather than bleeding them into bends (I’m a biker) but would welcome other constrictive critique!

PS. Sorry about the soundtrack!

PPS. Before making unconstructive comments remember that a) the ‘ring is 13 miles long and has 172 bends so it takes a while to learn – this was my eigth, b) German road law applies so you pass on the left and c) when I’m taking an odd line I probably have someone on my tail so I’m keeping right to let them through!

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