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OSCON: Government & Cloud, and cloud panel debate

On the 20th July 2010, I presented at OSCON, on ‘The Government And The Cloud’.  My position as co-lead on the technical architecture work strand of the UK G-Cloud programme enabled me to share some insights into the project.  An overview of my presentation is below:

The role of cloud computing in government IT – an introduction to the large G-Cloud and App Store project under way in the UK; what the UK public sector hopes to gain from a cloud approach, an overview of the proposed technical architecture, and how to deliver the benefits of cloud while still meeting government’s stringent security requirements.

To watch the video of my presentation, click here:

© http://oscon.com Kate Craig-Wood (Memset), “The Government and Cloud” under a Creative Commons license

Following my presentation I joined the panel to debate ‘A Cloudy Feature Or Can We See Trends?’

The panel of experts, including  Dion Hinchcliffe (Dachis Group), Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media, Inc.) and JP Rangaswami (BT Design) discussed what’s next for cloud computing, what implications cloud creates, the role of government and what changes are we likely to see?


  • Is cloud inevitable?
  • Will anyone win the cloud?
  • What national impacts will cloud have, will there be government regulation?
  • Are we heading towards a permission based web?
  • Are there any dangers you forsee?
  • What’s next?

To see the video, click here:

© http://oscon.com Kate Craig-Wood (Memset), Dion Hinchcliffe (Dachis Group), Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media, Inc.), JP Rangaswami (BT Design), “A Cloudy Future or Can We See Trends?” under a Creative Commons license

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