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Giving BOB sensors to turn him into a robot pet

BOB NXT with new sensors awaiting install Some of BOB‘s new sensors have arrived (see right)! With them I hope to turn him into something resembling a robotic pet. 🙂

I am still awaiting the HiTechnic sensor multiplexer (I ordered the ones shown ones from Lego UK for simplicity) which will allow me to connect so many sensors to the NXT control brick.

At present he just avoids objects. I should take some video and post that I suppose! My rough plan is to use the infrared (IR) seeking sensor to get him to follow me around, with me wearing an IR beacon on my ankle.

With accelerometer he will be able to detect when he has been picked up, and change behaviour appropriately. I should be able to do some simple sound recognition with the sound sensor too, again for other “pet like” behaviours.

This all comes after our cat, C4, ran away for the second time and didn’t come back. 🙁 Perhaps if I can look after a robotic pet I can give myself my pet license back again!

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