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How to post Android motion/live pictures to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)

It is now possible to share Android’s “Motion” photos (the Harry Potter-esque ones) to some social media networks and have them auto-play and keep looping, like a GIF. How you do it does depend slightly on which social media network/app you are using however.

How to use OK / Google Now to create Tasks/Reminders/Notes on the move

An exploration into getting more power out of Google voice commands / Google Now, specifically aimed at creating Notes, Tasks and Reminders (includes a description of what those different things actually mean within the Googleverse) “on the move”, ideally with AndroidWear SmartWatches. I also explore Commandr, AutoVoice and Tasker as possibilities for extending the power of OK Google.

SmartWatch 2: 6 weeks later (the flaws)

In early October I bought myself a SmartWatch 2. You can see my initial review here. Six weeks on, and I have a new one. Here is why! Dodgy straps The main flaw I discovered in the SmartWatch 2 is that the rubber strap it comes with can very easily unclip from the watch. It uses a standard watch bar…

Sony SmartWatch 2 review

I recently decided it was time for some upgrades. However, my trusty Samsung Galaxy S2 is perfectly adequate for my needs so I felt it would be a waste to get rid of that. I had been seeing the Samsung Gear adverts around which promoted me to start investigating. I quickly came to the conclusion that the Gear (a “smart…

How to fix the HTC local storage/memory issue with Titanium Backup

So I have an HTC Desire. The reason I have this phone is that it was the only one in white and silver out at the time, and all my favourite things are white or silver (with occasional traces of blue)! For a more detailed description of my personal device path please see my personal device convergance (rise of the…

Getting root with Revolutionary & CyanogenMOD (HTC)

One of my personal rules of gadgets is, “If you don’t root it, you don’t own it!”. Rooting means having root control on the device, but also comes with risks of bricking your phone (ie. turning it into a useless brick!). Further, my HTC Desire kept running out of space and there were lots of apps that I just didn’t…