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Thoughts on British ICT, energy & environment, cloud computing and security from Memset's MD

What Is Cloud Computing?

Here I provide a less technical description of cloud computing, which can be regarded as essentially the provision of computing resources and/or software as a utility, in the same way that your business uses familiar utilities, such as electricity, water, gas etc. Cloud computing enables you to pay for computing resources as you need them. These services are provided over the internet, on a consumption-based pay-as-you-use model, with short-term contracts and without up-front expenditure.

Making Strategic Use of Twitter & Blogs

Blogging, microblogging and social networking services are rapidly growing in use by businesses. Can they be beneficial to businesses or are they a pointless waste of time? I take a detailed, frank (I may rename this post “How to lose friends and alienate people on Twitter by being too open about the calculating approach I take” 😉 and balanced look at one of the biggest, Twitter, with some tips on how you can make strategic use of it.

Securing Your Data In The Cloud: An insider’s perspective

As the increasing use of cloud computing and other technologies is changing the world of data management, keeping your data private and secure is an ongoing concern for everyone. Here’s what you should be doing to keep your data safe.

Running a Business on Open Source Software

We’ve been running all our business systems over the ‘net for years (including instant messaging, email, document management, project management & collaboration) by using open source software. Both Nick & I are huge fans of open source, so I thought I’d share why and how we use it within Memset.

How small businesses can take advantage of the cloud

The vast bulk of our customers are SMEs, and we have helped many migrate to the cloud. Here I shall explain what cloud computing is (from an SME perspective), why you should be thinking about it and share my tips on how to get the most benefit from the cloud.

OSCON: Government & Cloud, and cloud panel debate

I was recently asked to present at the OSCON conference in San Francisco in July 2010. I presented on the role of cloud computing in government IT and joined a panel to discuss the future of cloud computing.

Emergency budget: An IT entrepreneur’s perspective

Today we heard the emergency budget from the new coalition government. Here are the points most pertinent to me as an IT entrepreneur running a high-growth technology company.

Covered areas: Corporation tax, Depreciation & annual investment allowance (AIA), Loans for SMEs, Entrepreneur’s relief and VAT.

May 2010 budget and the high-tech SME

A look at the areas of the 2010 budget that are potentially good news for high-tech SMEs, including lending, capital gains tax freeze, investment incentives, education, broadband levy and government contract allocation.

Sanity-checking Twitter’s Valuation

Twitter has been valued at $1bn, but is that really sane? Time to get out my trusty calculator and offer a rather different assessment…

ICT: Part of the solution to climate change

As the day-to-day use of ICT continues to rise, concern is growing about the carbon emissions indirectly caused by the manufacture of the electronics that litter our lives and the steady rise in the electricity required to power our personal devices and data centres. However, the debate should be less about ICT’s tiny contribution to global warming and more about how ICT can be used to reduce carbon emissions across society.