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Why We Don’t Need Icelandic Data Centres

In summer, you don’t need to go somewhere cold. You just need to let your data centre run hot and spray some water into your dry air coolers. That way you can avoid the potential risk around your power supply and you don’t have to compromise your latency.

G-Cloud: The dream is dying

Since getting involved in G-Cloud in late 2009 Kate has been one of its most vocal supporters, passionately believing in the dream of unleashing the power of highly-commoditised cloud services to both improve the quality and reduce the cost of government IT. Now, nearly 7 years on, having spent £millions and attracted almost no business through the framework in return, that dream is dying.

She asks what has gone wrong: Is it Memset? Their approach? Is it the Framework? Is it the Digital Marketplace? What needs to change?

The Biggest Threat to G-Cloud is Amazon

G-Cloud has been one of the most effective initiatives implemented by the government to date, but is far from perfect as its relatively limited adoption shows. You just have to look at the numbers. As of January 2016 the latest published figures show that the current total of reported G-Cloud sales is over £1bn. But you have to remember that…

Creating a shared European cloud space

At today’s European Cloud Partnership (ECP) steering board meeting in Berlin, and the following Cloud for Europe conference, the hot topic was a proposal for a “shared data area” agreement (SDA) for European cloud. We’re note overly happy with the name so it probably won’t stay; it implies too much about locality and/or a “fortress Europe” in terms of cloud….

Europe Powering ahead on Cloud

The European Council meeting of EU leaders in October produced some impressively enlightened and ambitious conclusions with regards to the digital economy which, with the right champions, will lead to a bright future for Cloud in Europe. The Council first called for all efforts to be made for Europe’s industry to regain momentum in digital products and services, describing an…

Introducing the “10% group”

I was recently asked by Liam Maxwell (Cabinet Office CIO) to convene a group of cloudy SMEs that he could get direct feedback from. I have also been appointed to the European Cloud Partnership (ECP) steering board with the mandate of representing all British SMEs’ interests. With the help of my team I am collating the views, issues, troubles and…

The Anatomy of Britain’s Best, Cheapest, Greenest and Secure Infrastructure as a Service

On the 29th November 2012 I presented a Lightning Talk on Cloud and G-Cloud at Socitm’s annual conference, Socitm 2012, held at the Hilton in Birmingham. Socitm is the membership association for all ICT professionals working in Local Authorities and the Public and Third Sectors and suppliers to those sectors. The conference offered a number of significant sessions looking at the…

Evolution of storage #1: resilience

I contend that the next stage of evolution of storage is “Just a Bunch of Disks” (JBOD), comprised of a range of media types with different performance characteristics, and with software doing the cleverness. In this first post (1 of 2) I shall address the resilience aspects of this evolution. RAID failings Large RAID (Redundant Array of Independant Disks) systems…

How safe is cloud computing? (infographic)

Infographic summarising cloud security including using cloud computing as a weapon.

What Real Opportunities Exist In The G-Cloud For The Channel

With a number of channel companies recently named in the 2nd iteration of the G-Cloud programme, Kate Craig-Wood, MD of Memset explores what real opportunities the G-Cloud offers the channel. I have been involved in the G-Cloud project almost from the beginning; as the technical co-lead on Phase two of the project, proposing the detailed architecture (on the Cabinet Office…