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Big Data: Don’t Believe The Hype

Scarcely a day passes by where you don’t see a headline about “Big Data” and how analysis of this big data is going to lead to huge efficiencies, targeted marketing and large profits. But are there really huge profits to be made out of data analytics (or data mining as it used to be known), both for companies collecting data…

Is The Cloud Safe?

Cloud security is nothing mysterious and the same approaches that one takes when verifying any supplier’s integrity should be followed. You should ask questions like: 1) Will the data remain within the EU (for data protection) 2) Who in the supplier organisation has access to my data and what control are placed upon them? 3) What checks does the supplier…

Energy-efficient cloud computing: Jevons Paradox vs. Moore’s Law

I am in my final year of a part-time PhD attempting to answer whether Moore’s Law (which has accurately predicted that computational power will roughly double per unit of cost or unit of energy every two years for some time) will mitigate the Jevons Paradox (see inset) in relation to energy efficiency of ICT thus allowing ICT to be an…

The Next Revolution: Internet of Things

Over Christmas I have been pondering on the question of what the next big thing in technology will be, specifically in 2012. That question is perhaps especially poignant since we recently we lost one of our generation’s great innovators, Steve Jobs. When I recently took delivery of my magic mouse I was struck by how aptly it was named. If…

The High-Tech brain drain – We Need The Chancellor’s Help to stop selling our golden geese

Why I’m skeptical of why George Osborne’s ‘credit easing’ scheme is likely to help British SMEs if it relies on the existing banking system. Further, I believe that now is a golden opportunity for British technology, especially cloud services, with the potential for us to become a new global export and engine of growth for UK PLC. However, without change, ideally with the Chancellor’s help, we will keep selling our golden geese and fail to grasp this opportunity. Here is why and how.

The Silent Cyber War

There has recently been a lot of news about cyber security, and it is a hot item in Whitehall, education and at the top levels in the IT industry. However, is this “new” cyber security concern warranted and do we need government and/or academia to get involved with a dedicated centre for tackling the issue? In short, I don’t think so, and this is why.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Here I provide a less technical description of cloud computing, which can be regarded as essentially the provision of computing resources and/or software as a utility, in the same way that your business uses familiar utilities, such as electricity, water, gas etc. Cloud computing enables you to pay for computing resources as you need them. These services are provided over the internet, on a consumption-based pay-as-you-use model, with short-term contracts and without up-front expenditure.


A couple of months ago HP started rumors that the G-Cloud had been canned, but that is most certainly not the case. I have spoken to a number of government officials and can confirm that it is going ahead. But what will it actually be, and is that what it should be? I was technical co-lead on phase two of…

Why Apple Should Make iCloud Open

The recent launch of Apple’s iCloud service has done much to bring mainstream attention and acceptance to the concept of cloud storage and syncing. But unless they adapt an open cloud standard they are facing an uphill struggle to attract business users. Here’s why.

Securing Your Data In The Cloud: An insider’s perspective

As the increasing use of cloud computing and other technologies is changing the world of data management, keeping your data private and secure is an ongoing concern for everyone. Here’s what you should be doing to keep your data safe.