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The differences between IT outsourcing and Cloud Computing

I was recently asked by a journalist for my thoughts on the differences between traditional IT infrastructure outsourcing and “Cloud Computing”. When you get down to it, there are only really three differences between the two, but that does not stop Cloud being a significant threat to the old-guard of IT consultancies.

BCS video debate: IT policies and your green credentials

Back in February this year I tool part in one of a series of video debates on green IT hosted by the BCS as one of four “industry experts”. The topic was “IT policies and your green credentials”. Watch the video here…

Why the Carbon Reduction Commitment is bad for data centres

The Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme aims to reduce absolute carbon dioxide emissions from large non-energy intensive organisations in both the public and private sector. In this article I discuss the impact of the CRC on data centres and why it will likely be counter-productive in the context of reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon cost of Downloads vs. CDs

A few weeks ago I was party to an initial ‘getting together’ in BAFTA of some key greenie people from the IT industry (me and Emma Fryer, author of many of Intellect’s thought-leadership documents and responses to government policy in the field of carbon reduction) with leaders from the media and entertainment industry. One of the contenscious topics is around the environmental damage of CDs compared with downloads. In this article I will calculate both using common sense and first principals.

BCS Data Centre Cost & Energy Simulator beta released

The British Computer Society’s Data Centre Specialist Group has released a beta version of their data centre cost and energy simulator to members of the specialist group. The simulator has come out of the Carbon Trust’s Low Carbon Collaboration initiative jointly funded by BCS and Romonet. Here are my first impressions from the preview a few weeks ago.

(Deprecated) The definition of cloud computing

This post has now been superseded by my updated

Sweat the desktops, replace the servers

People keep going around and around in circles on the debate of whether you should replace servers and desktops sooner rather than later when you take into account the improvements in energy efficiency in recent years combined with the embedded energy cost of manufacture of computers. So, I decided to get out my calculator and made some interesting conclusions. Materials,…

Dispelling the green myths

As more people “wake up” to climate change we are seeing a lot of effort put towards starting to reduce our collective green-house gas emissions. Unfortunately however, there seems to be a lack of quantitative data being applied to many of these efforts, and consequently the media, individuals and business are often focusing on the wrong issues rather than putting…

Greening the data centre: Why

I’ve written before about going green being important for business, but now I’d to focus on one area: the data centre. There has been a lot of interest recently in the topic of “green” data centres. however, many organisations still seem to feel that being more energy efficient in is just pandering to the general worries about global warming and…

Power pedals – the electric bicycling experience

In March, with the promise of Summer around the corner, I was eying up my somewhat battered bicycle and contemplating last year’s resolution to actually use it to cycle to work when the weather was pleasant. Not only would it be better for me, but as the boss of a company with a serious commitment to minimising the environmental impact…