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Who is John Galt?

We just watched the first two parts of Atlas Shrugged. I was unfamiliar with Ayn Rand and her works until today. I found the films exhilarating and eagerly await the third installment. They depict a near-future world where economic collapse and enduring recession has enabled politicians to seize increasing power over private individuals and corporations. In the name of “the…

The High-Tech brain drain – We Need The Chancellor’s Help to stop selling our golden geese

Why I’m skeptical of why George Osborne’s ‘credit easing’ scheme is likely to help British SMEs if it relies on the existing banking system. Further, I believe that now is a golden opportunity for British technology, especially cloud services, with the potential for us to become a new global export and engine of growth for UK PLC. However, without change, ideally with the Chancellor’s help, we will keep selling our golden geese and fail to grasp this opportunity. Here is why and how.

May 2010 budget and the high-tech SME

A look at the areas of the 2010 budget that are potentially good news for high-tech SMEs, including lending, capital gains tax freeze, investment incentives, education, broadband levy and government contract allocation.

Sanity-checking Twitter’s Valuation

Twitter has been valued at $1bn, but is that really sane? Time to get out my trusty calculator and offer a rather different assessment…