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Girl-Tech: The next generation

Multi-award-winning IT entrepreneur and Intellect main board member, Kate Craig-Wood, looks at the falling numbers of girls entering the technology professions from her unique perspective, and the great need to encourage more girls towards technology careers.

Intellect Regent panel with Paxman (video)

On 10th February I took part in a panel session at the 2009 Intellect Annual Regent Conference “Keeping ahead of changing markets”. The event took place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, was attended by top executives from the high-tech industry and was chaired by the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman, who I left speechless at one point!

35 under 35, and why IT at school needs to change

Yesterday I was in the Sunday Times thanks to being included in Management Today’s ’35 Women Under 35’ 2009 List; I snuck in with a healthy margin of 2.5 years. Obviously I am delighted to be among such prestigious company, but was dissapointed to see that I was the only female technologist in the list. The Times saw fit to…

Dell’s new “Della” Web site patronises women

Earlier this week Dell launched a new Website subsection targeted at women called ‘Della’. The site is incredibly patronising and grossly sexist, offending me and many other women, both techies and non-techies alike. Read my letter here, and send your own!

Equal pay audits & the equality bill

Harriet Harmon’s surprise inclusion of gender pay audits in the equality bill is very welcome, and the concerns over the action are easily dismissed. But what will the bill actually stipulate? I have extracted a few key elements from the summary document: A Fairer Future. The Equality Bill and other action to make equality a reality. (PDF)

eSkills Scorecard: Numbers of women in IT still falling

As a child, I fondly remember my Dad telling me how we lived in the same village (Horsley) as the world’s first computer programmer, a British woman called Ada Lovelace. From those illustrious beginnings, in Britain today, women now account for only 11% of IT professionals working within the IT industry, according to the Women in IT scorecard.

Fire men first – they are 23% more expensive!

Why IT companies should look at who costs more before making redundancies; some employees (eg. men) cost 23% more for the same job! Press release in response to news that the recession would dramatically increase unemployment among women.

Skydiving past Everest for Computer clubs 4 Girls

I’ve swum with sharks in the Red Sea; I’ve snowboarded at 70 m.p.h at ridiculous risk to body and limb in Canada; I’ve rode my Ducati at over 160mph, but what I did last week was far more frightening. I became the first woman to tandem skydive past Mount Everest and I was very, very nervous. It took us about…

Online worlds

“Shoot ’em in the head!” was a shout to be heard emanating from our office late on Friday afternoon. No, not an attack of killer-zombies, but actually some research & development work…