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The Biggest Threat to G-Cloud is Amazon

G-Cloud has been one of the most effective initiatives implemented by the government to date, but is far from perfect as its relatively limited adoption shows. You just have to look at the numbers. As of January 2016 the latest published figures show that the current total of reported G-Cloud sales is over £1bn. But you have to remember that…

Security Aspects Of Open Source Software

Nick and I have built a market-leading, multi-award-winning, multi-million dollar hosting/cloud IaaS company using entirely open source software and an “automate everything” philosophy. We have recently attained a cross-government CESG accreditation for our service under the G-Cloud project, incorporating the open source hypervisor Xen, even though Xen itself was not certified. Here are my views on why open source is actually more secure and reliable than alternatives.

Using HiTechnic sensor multiplexer in NXC

In order to give BOB all the capabilities I need more than the 4 standard sensor inputs. To that end I ordered two HiTechnic sensor multiplexers, one powered one (the one in front of him in the picture) which can do any sensor and one for just touch sensors (the one connected in the picture, distinguished by a lack of…

The Next Revolution: Internet of Things

Over Christmas I have been pondering on the question of what the next big thing in technology will be, specifically in 2012. That question is perhaps especially poignant since we recently we lost one of our generation’s great innovators, Steve Jobs. When I recently took delivery of my magic mouse I was struck by how aptly it was named. If…