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Thoughts on British ICT, energy & environment, cloud computing and security from Memset's MD

Is The Cloud Safe?

Cloud security is nothing mysterious and the same approaches that one takes when verifying any supplier’s integrity should be followed. You should ask questions like: 1) Will the data remain within the EU (for data protection) 2) Who in the supplier organisation has access to my data and what control are placed upon them? 3) What checks does the supplier…

Password security

I’m very proud of my personal and corporate security. At work we use pwgen to create passwords, a sample of our tool is inset and you can access it yourself here. Our policy dictates that staff choose one for themselves and since we know it is cryptographically strong (ie. not based on anything guessable) we don’t require that they change…

How To Protect Your Site from Cyber Crime

In the 1980s, computer viruses passed around on floppy disks were the main security risks. How things have changed! Now, we have bot nets, adaptive computer viruses, social engineering, and phishing to worry about. From hackers / script kiddies to DoSers (Denial of Service), we as hosting providers have to fight them all them all. But that’s just part of our job, however there are some important things people can do to protect themselves.

The Silent Cyber War

There has recently been a lot of news about cyber security, and it is a hot item in Whitehall, education and at the top levels in the IT industry. However, is this “new” cyber security concern warranted and do we need government and/or academia to get involved with a dedicated centre for tackling the issue? In short, I don’t think so, and this is why.

Securing Your Data In The Cloud: An insider’s perspective

As the increasing use of cloud computing and other technologies is changing the world of data management, keeping your data private and secure is an ongoing concern for everyone. Here’s what you should be doing to keep your data safe.

Running a Business on Open Source Software

We’ve been running all our business systems over the ‘net for years (including instant messaging, email, document management, project management & collaboration) by using open source software. Both Nick & I are huge fans of open source, so I thought I’d share why and how we use it within Memset.

Supply Chain Disintegration: A better way to buy IT

Unfortunately IT suppliers are not immune from the global economy and can fail just like any other company. I believe the best way you can protect yourself is by disintegrating the IT services supply chain. I shall explain…

Copyright’s death throes?

To give the guys a break I had been doing the Christmas on-call. Keeping a weather-eye on our plethora of monitoring systems I noticed a spike in bandwidth usage from one of our customer’s servers. A few moments later the cause is obvious; some script kiddie has hacked in and started up a bit torrent site serving various illegal rips…

Taking the heat

When temperatures rise to record levels, it’s not just trains and water supplies that go wrong; all sorts of infrastructure can be affected including the Internet. Normally our data centres have plenty of over-capacity in their air-conditioning systems. Cooling a data centre is one of their big design challenges – each of our 1 metre square racks uses around 4KWatts,…

Mobile working – have I cracked it?

I’m frequently out and about and on trains (usually between Guildford and London), and always try to make good use of the time. The ability to work anywhere is important to me, and I think I might have finally cracked it! Up until recently I had been using a massive Dell Inspiron 9100, which is a great laptop as long…