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First meeting of the cloudy SME collective (10% group)

A group of SMEs (the 10% group) met Liam Maxwell last month to discuss our experiences with GCloud. We recognised that GCloud is starting to change the way the public sector buys commodity IT services but also that it has a long way to go. The key issues discussed were: The need for further improvements with the GCloud processes and…

Introducing the “10% group”

I was recently asked by Liam Maxwell (Cabinet Office CIO) to convene a group of cloudy SMEs that he could get direct feedback from. I have also been appointed to the European Cloud Partnership (ECP) steering board with the mandate of representing all British SMEs’ interests. With the help of my team I am collating the views, issues, troubles and…

Big Data: Don’t Believe The Hype

Scarcely a day passes by where you don’t see a headline about “Big Data” and how analysis of this big data is going to lead to huge efficiencies, targeted marketing and large profits. But are there really huge profits to be made out of data analytics (or data mining as it used to be known), both for companies collecting data…

The High-Tech brain drain – We Need The Chancellor’s Help to stop selling our golden geese

Why I’m skeptical of why George Osborne’s ‘credit easing’ scheme is likely to help British SMEs if it relies on the existing banking system. Further, I believe that now is a golden opportunity for British technology, especially cloud services, with the potential for us to become a new global export and engine of growth for UK PLC. However, without change, ideally with the Chancellor’s help, we will keep selling our golden geese and fail to grasp this opportunity. Here is why and how.

May 2010 budget and the high-tech SME

A look at the areas of the 2010 budget that are potentially good news for high-tech SMEs, including lending, capital gains tax freeze, investment incentives, education, broadband levy and government contract allocation.