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Take back the ‘Web!

I’ve been a heavy Twitter user for a while, enough to help earn me Computer Weekly’s title of Social Media Champion, and historically have been an advocate of social media. However, a while ago it started to worry my just how much of my “thought stream” I was giving Twitter et al. This was especially pertinent since I have two…

Making Strategic Use of Twitter & Blogs

Blogging, microblogging and social networking services are rapidly growing in use by businesses. Can they be beneficial to businesses or are they a pointless waste of time? I take a detailed, frank (I may rename this post “How to lose friends and alienate people on Twitter by being too open about the calculating approach I take” 😉 and balanced look at one of the biggest, Twitter, with some tips on how you can make strategic use of it.

OSCON: Government & Cloud, and cloud panel debate

I was recently asked to present at the OSCON conference in San Francisco in July 2010. I presented on the role of cloud computing in government IT and joined a panel to discuss the future of cloud computing.

Sanity-checking Twitter’s Valuation

Twitter has been valued at $1bn, but is that really sane? Time to get out my trusty calculator and offer a rather different assessment…

Twitter becomes… IRC!

Twitter recently announced that they would be removing replies to people you do not follow from the timeline. In my view, and that of just about everyone I know and follow, that is highly undesirable and eliminates a large part of what was unique about Twitter. Now it has taken a giant leap back in time to IRC-days.